Free Online Dog Training Videos!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from our system for free!
How is it possible that we achieve results in just a few weeks where others take months or even years
and often still don't succeed? In these 6 free videos you will discover the secrets of our system!

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Tracking Course

  • Teach tracking without food on the track
  • Train your dog to make the corners while tracking
  • Line handling and how to walk behind your dog
  • What to do when the dog misses articles on the track
  • A system used in police organizations worldwide
  • How to read your dog during tracking
  • Dealing with difficult weather conditions

Detection Work Course

  • Get a dog that searches independently
  • Prevent the dog from barking, licking or scratching the scent
  • Teach the perfect indication to your dog
  • How to apply body language during training
  • Teach your dog to search for any scent you want
  • Dealing with temptations for the dog during detection work
  • Learn to search together with your dog

Puppy Course

  • All the knowledge you need in raising your puppy
  • What do you do with a puppy that bites you?
  • Learn how to socialize your pup everywhere
  • Teach your puppy exercises super fast
  • How to deal with desired and undesired behavior
  • How to apply food to train your puppy
  • Train in a positive system with easy-to-apply techniques
  • Get a fun, social and sweet dog!

Indication Behavior Course

  • Get a dog that is hugely motivated to find the object
  • A complete step-by-step course
  • Teach your dog to indicate a small object in just 2 weeks
  • Prevent your dog from biting, licking or scratching the object
  • Provide the best possible focus on the object
  • Train in our unique food training system with fast results
  • Lay the best possible foundation for tracking or detection work
  • For dogs of any age and breed

Obedience Course

  • Learn the exercises that you will use for the rest of your dog's life
  • This is how you train positively with food and lots of repetitions
  • You get a complete step-by-step course
  • We teach you how important body language is and how to apply it
  • Learn to use a clicker to precisely mark the desired behavior
  • Also teach your dog when the exercise is finished
  • Prevent stress and uncertainty in the dog during training

Retrieve Course

  • Get all the steps you need in just a few weeks
  • Not the object but rather the reward is important
  • Learn why you should focus on letting go and not holding on
  • Teach your dog to retrieve any object you wanted
  • Prevent your dog from seeing the object as his prey
  • Train in a positive system with many rewards
  • Prevent your dog from biting the object or running away with it
  • Make a connection between the object and the reward