Good training makes better dogs!

Welcome to Dog Training Dick Staal

On this website you will find all the training techniques used by K9 handler Dick Staal!

Dick Staal. K9 handler since 1977, specializes in training and handling pups as well as adult dogs. Dick has trained more than 70 dogs. He handles canines for both professional, work applications and he also trains dogs for domestic purposes.

Starting the pup's training at a young age, will lead to quick results and you will enjoy watching your dog develop. Dick sees a missed opportunity by not working with the dog in it's first year because the major development of the pup takes place in the first 4 to 5 months of it's life.

A positive training method in combination with clear, inderstandable guidelines, results in a dog that develops quickly. You will be able to shape your dog in any desired direction by following Dick's guidelines and training techniques.


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