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From puppy till working dog

From puppy till working dog

Dick Staal

My name is Dick Staal. Together with my son, Sander, I work daily with great passion and pleasure in our family business Dog Training Dick Staal.

Sander's work is mainly focused on marketing, administration, customer contact and organizing seminars. This allows me to fully focus on my passion and that is training dogs, guiding people in their dog training and giving seminars.

Since 1977 I have been training dogs on a daily basis. With over 40 years of experience, I have developed a system in which we train our dogs positively with extremely fast results.

I really enjoy sharing this knowledge with other dog trainers, and I especially enjoy seeing other trainers quickly achieve success with our way of training. 

During our seminars, I share this knowledge and I want to make everyone enthusiastic about our system. With video images and demonstrations, I also immediately show you how you too can apply the system in your own dog training. There is also an opportunity to train together, and I will help you apply the techniques learned directly with your own dog.

We currently do not have any seminars scheduled.


What does a seminar from us look like?

Our system is based on more than 40 years of experience and we train our dogs for many different disciplines. Therefore, we do not have one standard seminar, but several seminars about different disciplines.

The seminar "From puppy to working dog" is a seminar in which we tell the basics of our system. You will learn the build up from a puppy to a working dog, but also all the important things like dealing with unwanted behavior, teaching exercises, the beginning of tracking and detection work and much more.

In addition, we also give seminars that are specifically about (hard surface) tracking, detection work or bite work. In these seminars we explain step by step how we train our dogs for these subjects and how you can apply this yourself.

It is also possible to combine a seminar with hands-on training your dog. We immediately apply the techniques learned together, so you can immediately start training in our system.

Your own private seminar at your location?

Would you rather have your own seminar with us or at your own location? That is certainly possible. Most of the seminars we conduct are at our clients' locations. These are often seminars that we customize. We discuss the wishes in advance and create a suitable seminar for them.

Interested or curious about the possibilities? Please contact us by the contact button below, or by email or phone at or +31 6 - 537 326 99.