Meet Dog Training Dick Staal

How do we help you train your dog? 

Training dogs is our passion, and we would like to share this passion and knowledge with you. Dick started training dogs in 1977, he immediately noticed that there are many different methods, systems and especially opinions about how to train a dog.

All these - often contradictory - opinions and systems, make it very difficult to know what the right thing is to do. Dick soon found out that clarity is very important for owner and dog and developed a system that can be used by everyone.

Training a dog does not only consist of practicing, but especially of playing, walking and socializing. Also dealing with unwanted behaviour is very important. You can't train a dog if you don't pay attention to these important things.

With our system we offer you a total solution. We not only show you how to teach the exercises step by step to your dog, but you also learn what to do when things go wrong. By preparing yourself and your dog properly, you can prevent unwanted behavior during training.  Also, the dog will always be super motivated, so you will get fast results just like us!

This is important to us:

Positive training

When learning exercises, we train exclusively in a positive way. You can't correct a dog if he doesn't know the exercise yet. That is why we always train positive


Socializing is extremely important. If our dogs are not social, have explored the world and are free in their minds, we cannot train them.


Clarity is important when training dogs. Therefore we always give our dogs a clear context so that the dog always knows immediately what we are going to do.

Unwanted behavior

From day one we are clear about unwanted behavior. By dealing with this honestly, our dogs need almost no corrections as pup and in the future.

Our team

Dick Staal

My name is Dick Staal. Within our company I am involved in training and education our dogs. Beside that I make weekly online video trainings in which I explain our system. I can also be found daily in our online training school, where I help our members with the questions they have about their dog training.

Sander Staal

My name is Sander Staal, son of Dick. Within our company I am responsible for the digital content. I oversee our marketing, website and social media channels. I am also daily in our online training school as a contact for our members and make sure that our new training content becomes available online.

What other people say about us:

Ranaan Wassen
Since the start of the online community I am a member. From that moment I improved my skills a lot. The online training school gives me the opportunity to watch the instruction video's over and over again.
Lorie Jolly
Enjoy the straight forward method that is an easy to follow progression and the opportunity to ask questions if necessary.
Jonas Eriksson
I have trained police dogs since 1994 and since 1996 even detection dogs. I must say that I'm impressed by your skill and I'm lear me a lot by watching your videos and read the text. Thank you guys for sharing!