The Canine Training Academy has teamed up with Dutch Trainer Dick Staal to present a  12 day SUPER K9 training event in 2019


This super event will include the best of Dick Staal's training classes all in one central location at our Colorado Training Facility. Hosted by, Canine Training Academy LLC. 



Mr. Staal is one of those rare trainers that actually thinks his way through training. As you are sitting through his class, his approach to training becomes so obvious and sensible you will wonder why you never thought of it before. It’s refreshing to meet such an honest and humble professional trainer that can produce great results that work in the real world.


Dates: September 17-28, 2019.


Location: 2895 Continental St. Canon City Colorado, 81212


Specific class dates

  • Tracking 1: September  17-19. 2019
  • Tracking 2: September 20-22, 2019
  • Detection:  September 23-25
  • Pup to Working Dog: September 26-28. 2019


Click to download the PDF for more classes content



You can register for as many classes as you would like or attend the full 12 days.


Available Courses: (For a complete schedule of topics for each class click the PDF icon )



  • Tracking 1 and 2: Two, 3-day workshops. Take one or both back to back.
    • K9 Slots: $550 per team.
    • Audit Slots: $450 per person.
  • Basic Detection Work: 3-day workshop with classroom and practical work.
    • K9 Slots: $550 per team.
    • Audit Slots: $450 per person.
  • From Puppy to Working Dog: - 3 day workshop. Designed to help you develop puppies into functional, happy working dogs. Includes an introduction to the best of Dick Staal's training methods for obedience, tracking, detection, retrieve or bite work. Extensive lecture and some practical work included. K9 slots are available. All breeds welcome.
    • K9 Slots: $550 per team.
    • Audit Slots: $450 per person.

12-day registration costs:  (save $100)

  • K9 Slot: $2100
  • Audit Slot: $1700

More information and registration: