Dealing with unwanted behavior
28 december 2020 
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Dealing with unwanted behavior

Dealing honestly with unwanted behaviour promotes your dog’s life

Dealing honestly with unwanted behavior promotes a dog’s well-being. A dog that clearly knows what he is not allowed to do, is no longer concerned with that either. He will no longer eat horse manure or run in the woods after rabbits. They can therefore run around and play with much more freedom. By discouraging unwanted behaviour, especially in the beginning of a dog’s life, consistently and with policy, and if necessary slightly correcting it, there is usually hardly any need for corrections later on. It is therefore especially important in the early stages of a dog’s life to prevent unwanted behaviour from developing into problem behaviour. If you do the discouraging or light correcting in a constructive and calm manner, this is not a problem at all.

From day one we have been very clear to the dog

We don’t think it’s fair that a puppy is allowed to do anything in the first months of his life. For example, biting our fingers. This is something we have to teach him later on with heavy corrections. Therefore, from day one, we are clear to the dog what for us desirable and undesirable behavior is.

Correcting is something that is normal for dogs and what in fact belongs to their life. Dogs often correct each other even unprecedentedly hard and clear. This is something we as humans do not have to do. The combination method we use delivers the best results during the upbringing and training of a puppy or adult dog. This method means that we make a difference between teaching exercises and dealing with undesirable behavior. Teaching exercises is always positive and we are especially clear and honest when it comes to undesirable behavior.

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