Start with the end

Turn the exercise around and start with the end

When teaching exercises, always start with the basics. What the basis of an exercise is, we think differently in many cases. In our system we often turn the exercises around. In tracking, detection and search exercises, the end result is that the dog indicates where an object is. This can be done by indicate at the object or barking at it, for example. Many trainers teach the dog tracking, detection or search first.

We do it differently and turn the exercise around. We start with the end. This means that we first make it very clear to the dog what the end goal is. What will give the dog his reward. For example, correctly indicate to an object, precisely pointing to a scent source or standing on an object and barking. It is always important to first work on a good foundation before continuing the training with the dog.

Avoid disappointment by going too fast

Building out an exercise too soon and too quickly often leads to disappointment, frustration and making mistakes. Moreover, this quickly makes the dog insecure. When we train a dog for tracking, we first make sure that the end goal has been learned properly. For us, that is always the correct pointing of an object. This will give the dog his reward.

This basis must be very good and clear for the dog. Only then we teach the tracking to an object in small steps. The dog will then search for his final goal with a lot of motivation. Because he knows that this will give him his reward. By using the principle “Start with the end” a puppy or adult dog will use all his senses to reach his goal. Without his master telling the dog how to do it.

This produces the best and fastest results. Because the dog develops mainly himself in his search for his final goal.

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