Sander Staal

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My name is Sander Staal, a 37-year-old, happily married father of two wonderful children. As a core member of our family business, Dog Training Dick Staal, I work closely with my father, Dick. My role in the company is diverse: while I continue to be actively involved in dog training, providing a subtle yet valuable contribution, my primary focus is on the digital aspect of our business.

Blending my hands-on experience in dog training with my expertise in digital communication, I play a key role in the online presence and growth of our company. I manage our social media channels, handle customer interactions, and lead our online training school. This combination of responsibilities allows me to share our unique training methods in a modern and accessible manner.

Maintaining a balance between hands-on practice and digital media is crucial for me. I believe in leveraging technology to spread our passion for dog training while remaining engaged in the physical training of dogs. This synergy enriches both my professional and personal life.

I take pride in how our family business makes a positive impact both physically and online in the lives of dogs and their owners. My goal is to disseminate our philosophy and training techniques through various channels, reaching and supporting people around the world. I hope you find as much pleasure and valuable insights in our online content as I do in creating it.
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