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From puppy to working, sporting or police dog

From puppy to working, sporting or police dog
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Training with puppies is one of the special skills of Sgt. Dick Staal, master-trainer/instructor with the Netherlands’ National Police Agency’s K9-unit (K.L.P.D.). Throughout his career as a trainer, Dick Staal has successfully focused on methods which introduce substantially intricate tasks to puppies starting at seven weeks of age.

This book describes all the phases of training from puppy-hood to police service dog (PSD) or high performance sport dog. Dick Staal outlines proven methods for teaching search techniques for evidence/lost objects, retrieves, proper alerts, tracking, suspect searches, obedience, obstacles, and of course – bite work. This book is a “must have” for the professional canine trainer, or anyone involved in training the high performance working dog.

Dick Staal emphatically believes in shaping puppies the moment they leave the litter. He uses this critical time to foster characteristics necessary for the high performance working dog. Throughout his career he raised dozens of litters, trained 35 puppies and numerous police service dogs. He combines numerous training methods from KNPV, IPO and Schutzhund learned throughout his extensive experience as both a handler and trainer. Dick Staal’s unique methods are best described as motivational and affirmative, yet retaining components of compulsory conditioning to achieve desired results.

The purpose of this book is not to restate common training methods for the ordinary housedog. This text is specifically focused on training a high performance working dog. Dick Staal provides a step-by-step outline to start searching with a seven-week old puppy and continues through training a proficient hard surface tracker in an urban environment with serious bite work.

In this book, Dick Staal describes a new and effective way of training for puppies and adult working dogs. Read it and try it. You will see the difference!