Do you want a dog that will retrieve any object and release it immediately on command?

  • In this video  we explain how our retrieve system is structured
  • Not the object but rather the reward is important
  • Learn why you should focus on letting go and not holding on
  • Teach your dog to retrieve any object you wanted
  • Prevent your dog from seeing the object as his prey
  • Train in a positive system with many rewards
  • Prevent your dog from biting the object or running away with it
  • Make a connection between the object and the reward
  • Learn everything about our unique food training system
  • Start now and in a few weeks get a dog that retrieves everything
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Helén Damberg

Very professional, user friendly format!

Easy to apply to your own training. My dog learns much faster and better with this system.

Sander Staal & Dick Staal

Make the reward important!

A dog who is driven crazy by a dumbbell will start to see this as his reward or prey. He will want to play with it and run away with it or bite it. The last thing he wants is to give it to his boss because he will lose it.

Yet almost everyone teaches retrieving by first making the dog crazy about the object. We do this differently. We don't make the object but the reward important for the dog. The object gives him his reward and therefore the dog always wants to bring it to us.

For years Dog Training Dick Staal has been helping people online and at seminars to learn how to retrieve. Hundreds of trainers worldwide have already successfully applied our tips and training to their own dogs.

In our free training on retrieving, you will receive practical tips that you can apply directly in your dog training and that will help you turn your dog into a good retrieving dog.

Dick gives you a "Core Philosophy".  While simple in concept its complexity lies in its simplicity.
Jack Fields
Very satisfied with my experience, and being able to tap into the experience of one of the world's best working dog trainers.
Ted Katauskas
Enjoy the straight forward method that is an easy to follow progression and the opportunity to ask questions if necessary.
Lorie Jolly

Ready to learn the best techniques for retrieving?

Get direct access to this free video about our retrieve course. Get free tips that will help you lay the proper foundation for retrieving with your dog right away and avoid making the same mistakes 99% of dog trainers make. The free video is the most complete video you will find online with the latest techniques that you can apply immediately!
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To which email address may we send the video?
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