Want to get the best possible start with your dog?

  • In this video we explain what is important when raising and training a puppy
  • All the knowledge you need in raising your puppy
  • What do you do with a puppy that bites you?
  • Learn how to socialize your pup everywhere
  • Teach your puppy exercises super fast
  • How to deal with desired and undesired behavior
  • Teach your dog to be home alone for a while
  • You're going to learn how to housebreak your pup quickly
  • How to apply food to train your puppy
  • Train in a positive system with easy-to-apply techniques
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Mark Sneyd


Very clear and informative course and the format really easy to understand!

Prepare yourself and be clear to your pup

A pup that is allowed to do anything at the beginning of its life will develop unwanted behavior and continue to do so. If it is allowed to bite your pants or fingers when it is a puppy, why is it not allowed to do this when it is older? Many people allow this behavior to develop at a young age and get into a lot of trouble later when the dog is older.

We ensure from day one that the pup is with us, that we are clear and consequent to the pup about desired and undesired behavior. We believe that you cannot punish a dog for something it was allowed to do when it was a puppy. By being well prepared you will avoid heavy corrections and get a social and fun dog.

For years we have been helping dog trainers and families worldwide raise and train their new puppy. With our directly applicable trainings we prepare them optimally for the arrival of their puppy and give them all the information they need when the puppy arrives.

In this free training you will learn the most important techniques you need to have a social, fun, and good listening dog.

Dick gives you a "Core Philosophy".  While simple in concept its complexity lies in its simplicity.
Jack Fields
The vast amount of in-depth knowledge in this program and the support that you get through every step is absolutely priceless.
Janet Hanley
Very informative puppy training, together with my daughters. All of us are very happy with it and can move forward for the time being.
Von Nes

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To which email address may we send the video?
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