In a few weeks teach your dog all the basic obedience exercises

  • In this video we explain how we teach obedience exercises very fast
  • Learn the exercises that you will use for the rest of your dog's life
  • This is how you train positively with food and lots of repetitions
  • You get a complete step-by-step course
  • We teach you how important body language is and how to apply it
  • Learn to use a clicker to precisely mark the desired behavior
  • Also teach your dog when the exercise is finished
  • You learn how to best motivate your dog
  • Learn how to elicit the desired behavior from your dog
  • Train in a positive system with tremendously fast results
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Helén Damberg

Very professional, user friendly format

Easy to apply to your own training. My dog learns much faster and better with this system.

Sander Staal & Dick Staal

Don't confuse the dog with too much information

A dog that does not yet know the obedience exercises certainly does not yet know the commands. Yet in many courses and trainings we see that it is directly taught to give the dog commands. The result is often that the dog does not understand and becomes restless and stressed.

You cannot expect a dog to immediately understand what you mean by a command if he does not yet know the exercise. That is why, when teaching an exercise, we do not talk to the dog at first, but provoke him to perform the desired behavior. The dog learns from his own behavior and is immediately rewarded with a treat.

With this way of training we have been helping dog trainers worldwide for years to learn the obedience exercises. Hundreds of trainers have already trained their dogs to the desired level using this system.

In our free training you will receive practical tips that you can apply immediately to train your dog for the roll call exercises and turn it into a good listening dog.

Dick gives you a "Core Philosophy".  While simple in concept its complexity lies in its simplicity.
Jack Fields
Very satisfied with my experience, and being able to tap into the experience of one of the world's best working dog trainers.
Ted Katauskas
I love to see how detailed the instruction is build up. The videos improved my skills a lot and bring my training to a high level.
Raanan Wassen

Ready to teach your dog all the important obedience exercises?

Get direct access to this free video about the obedience exercises. Get free tips that will help you lay the proper foundation for a good listening dog and avoid making the same mistakes 90% of dog trainers make. The free video is the most complete video you will find online with the latest techniques that you can apply immediately!
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To which email address may we send the video?
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