Discover the secret to the perfect indication

  • In this video we explain our indication system step by step
  • Get a dog that is hugely motivated to find the object
  • Teach your dog to indicate a small object in just 2 weeks
  • Prevent your dog from biting, licking or scratching the object
  • Provide the best possible focus on the object
  • Train in our unique food training system with fast results
  • Lay the best possible foundation for tracking or detection work
  • Improve your dog's indication behavior with this course
  • Start directly without any experience
  • For dogs of any age and breed
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Leslie Nyholm

Dick Staal’s “Teaching the Indication Behavior” course was outstanding!

Very detailed training steps, with exceptional videos, made it extremely easy to follow along. I enjoyed seeing immediately results with my dog, who learned very quickly due to a positive system.
I receive endless compliments on her behavior and training.
Well worth every penny and I look forward to taking many more courses!

Start with the end!

When teaching detection work or tracking, most trainers from the start are focused on making long searches or long tracks. The indication behavior to the object is not important to them yet. The result is that the dog often does not understand what the intention is and ignores the object.

In our system, we do it differently. We reverse the exercise and start with the end. We first teach the dog to properly indicate to the object and immediately look for the scent for which the dog is being trained. This gets the basics right the first time and the dog is super motivated to find the object and indicate to it properly.

For years we have been helping dog trainers to learn the indication behavior. By taking a step back in the training and properly teaching the indication behavior, they make huge strides in their tracking or detection work. Worldwide we help private dog trainers, police organizations and customs organizations with this method.

In our free training you will learn the most important practical tips that you can apply immediately and teach your dog a perfect indication!

Dick gives you a "Core Philosophy".  While simple in concept its complexity lies in its simplicity.
Jack Fields
I highly recommend Dick Staal's Online Training to everyone looking for tracking/indication lessons and advice.
Donna Brinkworth
I love to see how detailed the instruction is build up. The videos improved my skills a lot and bring my training to a high level.
Raanan Wassen

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Get direct access to this free video about the indication behavior. Get free tips that will help you lay the proper foundation for tracking or detection work right away and avoid making the same mistakes 95% of dog trainers make. The free video is the most complete video you will find online with the latest techniques that you can apply immediately!
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