Experiences with Dog Training Dick Staal

I can obviously tell you how important it is to follow a puppy course, but why don't you read the stories of some


Robin Loreth from Texas

We attended the November 2014 “From Puppy to Working Dog” seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana, flying in from north Texas. The seminar was well-worth the travel in that it provided us with an entirely new, fresh approach to developing a puppy from a very young age. The seminar was professional in every way, from the information presented to the smallest details (food and beverages, downloads of what we’d learned, a group photo afterwards, a certificate of attendance, etc.).

My husband and I are relatively new to working dog training/competition, but are lifelong equestrians​. In all those years, we've seen many horse trainers come and go. In over 40 years, we know only one trainer who is what we regard as a quiet, "thinking” trainer -- the kinds of trainer who genuinely enjoys the process of training/interaction with the animal and is not merely focused on the “end product.” This trainer has enough finesse to want to produce not just a top-level performer, but a top-level performer who loves it's work. He is the rare trainer who will quietly stop in the midst of trouble reaching a goal and just think -- about how tobring the animal to the goal and not push him to it.

Dick Staal is clearly one of those rare “thinking” trainers. Since discovering and embracing the world of working dogs not all that long ago, we have already encountered too many "trainers" full of bravado and training schemes and schedules -- but who lack the finesse and inclination to stop and think their way through their training. In a world of trainers who seem to be dedicated to “their way” and who are resistant to unfamiliar approaches to training, it was a breath of fresh air to observe Dick and learn about his approach to training a precise and happy working dog.

His “start at the end” approach was so sensible and obvious, all of us at the seminar experienced that “Of course! Why didn’t I ever think of that?” moment. To be convinced of just how logical and effective Dick’s training approach is, all one must do is observe his PUPPIES during his training sessions. These very young dogs are snappy, happy participants in the lovely dance Dick has perfected.
If you are considering attending one of Dick Staal’s seminars, book that trip. You won’t regret it. We are already working to arrange our second.

Teemu from Finland

In August 2014, I had the great pleasure to meet Mr. Staal and host his "From a puppy to working dog" seminar in Finland.

The seminar presentation was simply outstanding. Mr. Staal is a true professional in every way and his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of canine training truly shows. I strongly recommend mr Staal's professional seminars, workshops and services to any organization or agency.

Phil Strevett VS

I've read Dick Staal's book and attended his seminar and have gained more information than any other working dog conference.

Dick's training approach gives you the knowledge needed to bring up a puppy to become a successful working dog. Dick teaches the puppy a foundation in the first few months of life which sets the puppy up for success to become an advanced K9 for the working world. This comprehensive, step by step approach is explained systemically during his seminar, making it easy to take back to your department and sport club. Anyone can teach a dog to track, but tracking through the downtown streets of Nunspeet is impressive and Dick does this everyday!

Set your teams up for success by providing them a K9 for successful deployments and the safety needed to accomplish the task. Phil Strevett