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High-level detection work

Get a dog that independently searches for any scent you want!

High-level detection work

Get a dog that independently searches for any scent you want!

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Detection work dogs trained

Do you want a well trained detection dog?

Narcotics, money, blood, corpses or any other smell, the ultimate goal in detection work is always for the dog to find the smell and refer to it. For years, we have been training our dogs for detection work in various disciplines. The basic training is always the same.

A common mistake we encounter is that trainers teach the basics of detection work by linking a scent to the reward for the dog. They hide the reward or throw it away visible to the dog.

The result is that dogs are excited because they want their reward. They will run around blind hoping to catch the scent quickly. And when they find the scent they will start licking or scratching to get their reward.

Our system works differently. As crazy as it sounds, we start with the end. We first teach the dog the indication behavior.  In doing so, we lay a good foundation which we then build on. 

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a system in which the dog independently and with great motivation searches for any desired scent and will indicate it. 

We train based on the motivation of the dog and keep it as simple as possible. Because dogs of any age can be trained in our system and achieve good results.

Get a dog that searches independently

A dog that doesn't understand what is intended will exhibit stress. He will bark, scratch or lick when he finds the scent. Or, on the contrary, will run around and around when he can't find the scent. All just to try to get his reward.

Our key to success in detection work is that we start by teaching the scent and the indication behavior. We reverse the exercise by starting with the end. The dog learns immediately what gives him his reward, the indication of the scent. So the basics are right and clear to the dog right from the start.

By using our unique food training system, we teach the basics in just a few training sessions. We do this in an exclusively positive way with many repetitions, the dog learns from his own behavior. 

Once the basics are taught, they are expanded upon very quickly. After only a few weeks of training, the dog is capable of independently and carefully searching for the source of the scent and indicate it correctly.

Do you want to learn and apply this knowledge and techniques?

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Henk-Jan Timmer

"Super clear course and really fun to do!"

This is Cooper, a 6 month old Malinois. Cooper started detection work when he was 2,5 months old.

I have tried to make this my own during the course of Dog Training Dick Staal.

In this course it is very well described how to apply/step by step!

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to do detection work with his/her dog!

Ted Katauskas
Very satisfied with my experience, and being able to tap into the experience of one of the world's best working dog trainers.
Jonas Eriksson
I have trained police dogs since 1994 and since 1996 even detection dogs. I must say that I'm impressed by your skill and I'm lear me a lot by watching your videos and read the text. Thank you guys for sharing it with us.
Lorie Jolly
Enjoy the straight forward method that is an easy to follow progression and the opportunity to ask questions if necessary.

This and more you will learn

Food training

You will learn in this course how to apply our food training system. This will give you and your dog extremely fast results.


In a large search area, it is important to work together with your dog. We will teach you in this course how to do this.


It is important that the dog eventually indicate the scent very precisely. We teach you how to teach the perfect indication.

Clicker training

With the clicker you mark exactly the desired behaviour. This is very important in our system for detection work.


There are numerous scents you can teach your dog in detection work. You will learn a system that works for every scent.


Licking, biting and scratching are things that will happen during training. You will learn how to deal with these.


It is also important for a dog to work independently. In this course you will teach your dog to search independently.

Body language

Dogs do more with body language than with speech. We'll teach you how to apply body language during training.
Certificate Detection Work Dog Training Dick Staal

Certified Course

After successfully completing the detection work course have you trained your dog for detection work in our system.. You can be proud of this and as a reward for this great result you will receive your personal certificate at the end of the course!

Detection Work Course

  • Do you want to train your dog for detection work for any scent you want?
  • Want to lay the best possible foundation for detection work?
  • Do you want to train positively with lots of rewards?
  • Are you ready to get started and get results right away?

Then this is the most suitable course  for detection work, you will find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience in working dogs.

Do you still have questions or doubts? Here you can read the most frequently asked questions:

Is the course in English?

Yes, our native language is Dutch, but all the videos are in English. We have also subtitled the videos in both Dutch and English.

I already have an older dog, can I still take the course?

Yes! Our system works for dogs of all ages. In our videos you will often see puppies, but we use our system to train older dogs as well. For example, during our last seminar we trained an 11 year old dog using our system.

I have very little time...

Training is only a small part of the day. Often we train only two times 10 to 20 minutes a day. This can be done at the times that suit you best, so our system does not require a lot of time.

What does the structure of the course look like?

All of our courses consist of videos. These are recorded by Dick, and he explains everything step by step. The videos, and accompanying PowerPoints, immediately give you a good idea and clear explanation of the exercise shown.

What do I need when I start the course?

Motivation and your dog(s). The items we use in the training sessions are not special items. We clearly explain what you can use, and what you can use as an alternative. You don't need to get any special training items.

How can I watch the course videos?

On any device that has an internet connection and is capable to browse the internet. You can use your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. You can watch the course wherever you want.

How long will the videos be available and how many times can you watch them?

If you have purchased the course then you have and will always have access to it. In our courses we use an extensively tested dripping system. With this system you get all the information you need at that moment. Every day you will receive a new training that you can immediately apply.

This prevents you from being overwhelmed with too much information at once. This prevents you from skipping small, but very important steps in our system. You only get the information that you need at that moment and can immediately apply. Once you have watched all the videos, you have access to them and can watch them as many times as you want.

This is a system that we have tested extensively with our students and which gave the best and fastest results.

Start the detection work course right now!