Do you want a well trained detection dog?

  • In this video we explain all the steps of our detection work system
  • Get a dog that searches independently
  • Prevent the dog from barking, licking or scratching the scent
  • Teach the perfect indication to your dog
  • How to apply body language during training
  • Teach your dog to search for any scent you want
  • Dealing with temptations for the dog during detection work
  • A system used in police organizations worldwide
  • Train in an exclusively positive system with many repetitions
  • Learn to search together with your dog
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Jonas Eriksson

Thank you guys for sharing it with us

I have trained police dogs since 1994 and since 1996 even detection dogs. I must say that I'm impressed by your skill and I'm lear me a lot by watching your videos and read the text.

Be clear from the start!

A dog that doesn't understand what is intended will exhibit stress. He will bark, scratch or lick when he finds the scent. He does all this just to try to get his reward.

In our system for detection work, we therefore reverse the exercise and start with the end. The dog learns immediately what gives him his reward, the indication of the scent. The basis is thus immediately good and clear for the dog from the beginning and he knows what is expected. After this we can expand this very quickly to searching for any desired scent.

For years we have been helping dog trainers worldwide with learning detection work. Not only with seminars or private training, but also with our online courses that can be applied immediately.

In our free video on detection work you will learn the most practical detection work techniques that you can use to train your dog and turn him into a good detection dog.

Dick gives you a "Core Philosophy".  While simple in concept its complexity lies in its simplicity.
Jack Fields
I love to see how detailed the instruction is build up. The videos improved my skills a lot and bring my training to a high level.
Raanan Wassen
I highly recommend Dick Staal's Online Training to everyone looking for tracking lessons and advice.
Donna Brinkworth

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To which email address may we send the video?
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