Who is dogtrainer Dick Staal?

hondentrainer dick staalI am a professional dogtrainer since 1977 and trained in the years more then 70 pups and a lot of adult dogs. I did also train and rais a lot of "family" dogs.

I did write two books and one of those books is translated in English. This book can be ordered on this site.

In the future it will be possible to order al type of little books like:

how to teach a pup to indicate, track, retrieve. how to start with the bite work but also everything about the pup in the family

I work in a positive way with all my dogs but teach them also to listen to me to have a reliable working dog.

I live in Holland but I am also often in forein countries to train or to do seminars. More and more people know to find me for a good start with their pups. At this moment my method is also introduced in the public sector in Holand since 2010.

I firmly believe in the advantages raising and training a pup and how important this is for the rest of his live.